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David Daniels

Managing Partner, Education

David Daniels is a Managing Partner in the Education Practice of RIDGE-LANE LP.

David started his career in education in 1993, ultimately becoming President of Pearson – the world’s largest education company. He oversaw the explosive growth and business model diversification of Simon & Schuster Custom Publishing from $8 Million in annual revenues to over $200 Million, eventually becoming Pearson Custom Publishing.

He launched Pearson Learning Solutions, a professional services company incubated inside Pearson Custom Publishing. creating an instructional design team, course development process, and a business model with a heavy focus on online learning. Daniels strategy led Pearson from what was historically an information company focused on sales, to an education company focused on learning outcomes.

David’s team built over 150 fully scoped and sequenced online learning courses in 4 key disciplines known as CourseConnect. These courses were Pearson’s first fully mobile and digitally native products, where his team won SIIA CODIE awards for Best Professional Development Solution and another for Best Postsecondary Instructional Solution.

He was named CEO of Pearson Embanet and Managing Director of Pearson Higher Education Services, with executive responsibilities including complete P/L oversight of the OPM business, the Pearson Learning Studio Platform, Equella Content Repository, and Smarthinking Tutoring.

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