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The Hon. Michael Coleman

Council of Mayors

The Hon. Michael B. Coleman is a Member of the Council of Mayors at RIDGE-LANE LP.

Mayor Coleman served as Mayor of Columbus, Ohio from 2000 to 2015.  He built Columbus’ reputation as one of the best cities in the nation by building stronger, safer neighborhoods; creating jobs and maintaining a high quality of life. Mayor Coleman led a city of 825,000 residents and 9,000 employees.  

He was responsible for managing all financial, budgetary and economic development matters and sourcing of private investments in support of urban development initiatives.  Mayor Coleman led all the economic development, business expansion, relocation and job development efforts and activities, including zoning, planning and policymaking for the City.  He leveraged private sector partnerships, real estate development transactions, economic policies and quality of life enhancements to create 40,000 net new jobs.  He pioneered an urban development strategy to attract new businesses and expand emerging companies within Columbus. Secured $7 billion in private investment support since 2000.

Under Mayor Coleman’s stewardship, downtown Columbus transformed into a vibrant business and residential center. The city procured $1.6 billion in new investments, created over 2,700 new jobs, decreased office vacancy rates to 11 percent from 24 percent since 2002, added new hotels and businesses and approximately 7,000 condos and apartments.  In addition, Mayor Coleman gained national recognition for leading Columbus to the 4th best economy in the U.S. among all major cities.  

Mayor Coleman implemented $260 million in operating expense savings over ten years by aligning employee benefits with the market, limiting overtime and investing in technology and energy efficiency. He also left a $69.8 million rainy day fund and saved over $187 million by spending less money than budgeted.  Mayor Coleman developed and maintained 16 annual capital budgets ranging from $200 to $800 million per year.  He organized, cofounded or established 41 organizations, corporations or programs in support of economic development, housing, safety, education, health and diversity.

Prior to his term as mayor, he was a partner with the law firm of Schottenstein Zox & Dunn LLP (SZD), which combined with Ice Miller in 2012. As an attorney, he offered legal guidance to regional businesses and real estate developers in key areas, including business law, zoning and securities law. He also managed mergers and acquisitions for domestic, multinational and minority-owned businesses.

Mayor Coleman is a frequent speaker on issues involving economic development, neighborhood revitalization, environmental stewardship and leadership and speaks regularly at conferences and events throughout the country. He earned his law degree from the University of Dayton Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati.

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