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The Hon. Christine T. Whitman

Operating Partner, Sustainability

The Hon. Christine Todd Whitman is a Operating Partner in the Sustainability Practice of RIDGE-LANE LP.

Governor Whitman served in the cabinet of President George W. Bush as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, where she promoted common-sense environmental improvements such as watershed-based water protection policy, regulations requiring non-road diesel engines to reduce sulfur emissions, and implementing landmark legislation to promote the redevelopment and reuse of brownfields.

She was the 50th Governor of the State of New Jersey, serving as its first woman governor, where she earned praise from both Republicans and Democrats for her commitment to preserve a record amount of New Jersey land as permanent green space.  Prior to becoming Governor, she was the President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Governor Whitman serves on the Board of Directors of Texas Instruments Inc., United Technologies Corporation, the Center for Responsible Shale Development, and formerly served on the Board of S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc.

She is a member of the Advisor Boards of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University, the Presidential Climate Action Project, the Nuclear Matters Council, Terrestrial Energy International, and serves as Chairman of the American Security Project, co-chairs the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative, and is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Eisenhower Fellowships.

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