About Us

RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners is a strategic advisory firm and merchant-bank founded by financier R. Brad Lane and The Honorable Thomas J. Ridge, with a team of General Partners, Operating Partners, and Senior Advisors who have served at the highest levels of business, finance, and government.  
With offices in New York City, Washington DC and Palo Alto, RIDGE-LANE LP is a triple-bottom-line business that creates sustainable social value by bridging the gap that exists between private companies, investment capital, and government – across the Federal, State, and Local levels. 

We sponsor public-private partnerships that advance modern urban development and economic growth across the U.S., as well as specialty venture capital and corporate development services to commercialize and scale innovative technology companies.

Our team serves as your strategic partner with a long-term approach, providing an integrated combination of Advisory, Capital, and Development services – aligning the commercial interests of private business at the apex of public activities and resources. 

Our value proposition is delivered by eminent political leaders, military officials, business executives and financiers, who have the knowledge and relationships to advance sophisticated initiatives across sectors and government agencies.  

RIDGE-LANE LP offers a new model for Corporate Development and Urban Development, through a focus on Public-Private Partnerships, based on key long-term relationships with aligned incentives: we are sophisticated Partners and act as fiduciaries, collaborating for maximum value creation.