Corporate Development

We specialize in corporate strategy & venture development for private growth-stage technology companies.

Our Services

From ideation, to design, to strategy and execution, we provide:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business evaluation and competitive landscape
  • Product/Service assessment and enhancement 
  • Financial Modeling: evaluation, forecasting, and testing 
  • Go-to-Market Strategy, with actionable business plan
  • Business Development: customer segment mapping, and meeting facilitation 
  • Strategic partner identification, including deal negotiation
  • Talent Acquisition: strategic advisors and board of directors
  • Investment: individual, institutional, and strategic investors
  • End-to-end corporate value maximization, including exit strategies

Value Proposition

We provide a powerful combination of expertise and execution, bridging the gap between technology innovation, capital, and a sustainable business enterprise.

Our industry advisory teams are leaders in their respective sectors – with a dual focus on the commercial sector and government procurement – leveraging our relationships to help you achieve full market penetration.

Our interests are directly aligned with yours; we operate as fiduciary advisors, maximizing shareholder value through each phase of the company's life cycle.