Our Credo

We run a values-based business, where social impact is the primary driver.

We are stage-agnostic, working with novel companies from idea, to venture, and growth.

We are structure-agnostic, working with any entity, whether for-profit, non-profit or other.

We have conviction that personal wealth creation will come as a by-product of using our knowledge and resources to help scale innovation.

We take a 360-degree purview, considering all stakeholders in every decision.

We leverage the power of cross-disciplinary teams and co-creation.

We view capital as a commodity and use it as a tool.

We think long-term and execute short-term, never confusing the two.

We prioritize facts over opinions, and collective wisdom over individual ideas.

We believe in structural and systematic change.

We choose quality over quantity.

We conduct root-cause analysis, to produce exponential outcomes, rather than solving incremental problems.