Urban Development

We sponsor public-private partnerships that advance social infrastructure projects and modern urban development across the United States.

Our Services

From ideation, to design, strategy and execution, we provide:

  • Policy and regulatory advisory
  • Feasibility studies, market analysis, life-cycle cost and comparison assessments
  • Team development, advisors, and strategic partners
  • Integrated project planning, design, implementation, execution and oversight
  • Capital stack formulation: equity investment, commercial debt, as well as alternative structured finance products
  • Tax abatements, rebates, tax credits, government funding, and other municipal or state economic incentives
  • Structuring and executing new forms of public-private partnerships

Value Proposition

RLLP provides end-to-end advisory through the entire lifecycle, bridging the gap between government affairs, project development and successful public launch.

We are flexible in structure and product-agnostic, hyper-focused on delivering the lowest cost of capital, optimizing rates and fees, while providing extraordinary consulting from experts. 

Our government affairs advisory comes from former elected and appointed officials who fully understand the challenges and appropriate solutions relevant to your complex local project.