About Us

RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners is a strategic advisory firm founded by financier R. Brad Lane and The Honorable Thomas J. Ridge, with a team of General Partners, Operating Partners, and Senior Advisors who have served at the highest levels of business, finance, government, and the military.

As a triple-bottom-line business RIDGE-LANE LP creates global social value by bridging the gap between private companies, investment capital, and government at the federal, state, and local levels.

We are an innovation ecosystem, providing corporate development services to commercialize and scale novel venture-backed technology companies, as well as place-based private sector solutions that accelerate urban development and smart cities.

Our team serves as a long-term strategic partner, providing an integrated offering of Advisory, Capital, and Development services – aligning the commercial interests of private business, government regulation and policy, with the needs of society and our future civilization.

We have an unwavering fiduciary approach to serving the needs of our clients, with aligned incentives around specific deliverables, where our knowledge and networks are leveraged to create maximum value for all stakeholders.

RIDGE-LANE LP offers a new model for Corporate and Urban Development.