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Dr. Dan Ariely


Dr. Dan Ariely is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at RIDGE-LANE LP.

Dr. Ariely is the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and a founding member and director of the Center for Advanced Hindsight. Prior to his tenure at Duke, he worked as a professor for the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

In addition to being a member of the Advisory Board for Communitas Capital Partners LLC, Dr. Ariely is the active co-founder of numerous companies, including; Genie; Shapa Health; and Irrational Capital, where he serves as a Partner. He is also the Chief Behavioral Officer at Lemonade Inc., offering homeowners and renters insurance powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. 

Prior to these ventures, Dr. Ariely served as the co-founder and Chief Behavioral Officer at Timeful, a time-management startup. Additionally, he is the inventor of Dan Ariely’s Irrational Game, author of several books on irrationality and dishonesty, as well as the creator of the Dishonesty Project. 

Dr. Ariely received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tel Aviv University before earning his PhD in cognitive psychology at the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill. He then attended Duke University for his second PhD, this time in Business Administration.

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